Talking A Good Game: A Guide to Sports Talk in the U.S. Workplace is a primer for foreign nationals and/or busy American professionals who want to boost their fluency in a sports talk, a ‘language’ often spoken at the office.

Understanding American English is one of the first challenges that foreign nationals encounter in the U.S. corporate culture– even for native English speakers.  That’s because American business conversation is riddled with sports references and expressions. Without that knowledge, countless business and social opportunities are lost or wasted by millions of non-Americans who work for or with Americans simply because they don’t know how to take advantage of sports talk to build strong relationships.

In fact, anyone who feels left out when sports are discussed at work will find the book helpful and easy to read.

Talking A Good Game offers a comprehensive mix of basic, must-know information about all major American spectator sports as well as popular sports cultural references. Content includes basic rules and terminology, real-life scenarios, reference sections, how-to instructions, illustrations, lists and an easy-to-read calendar of sports year round. And, it teaches readers some common sense communications techniques for using sports to make connections with valuable business and social contacts, making it an informative AND entertaining guide into American sports and sports culture.

Contents include:

A quick overview of key leagues& organizing bodies

A list of teams and participants

A general idea of the game or sport

Basic explanation of rules

Key words and phrases

Easy facts and stats to remember and recite