5 Things You Need to Know When Attending a Work-Related Sporting Event

Going to a game with your client or colleagues tonight? Then keep these simple tips in mind. They apply to all sporting events and will help to ensure a successful evening:

1. Confirm your ticket.
If your boss invited you, check with his assistant about where and when to get your ticket. You might simply need to stop by his office. Some teams offer the opportunity to confirm online. Or you may be directed to the ‘Will Call’ window at the stadium. If you have invited a customer or client, did you arrange to give him or her a ticket?

2. Don’t Wear ‘the enemy’s’ jersey.
Wear something that shows your hometown team pride or stick to business casual. But don’t wear the color or logo of the other team, even if that’s the team you’re personally rooting for.

3. Arrive early for pre-game introductions.
Meet and greet those you’ll be watching the game with. That’s the “work” part of a work-related event.

4. Enjoy the food and drink, but not too much.
Use your best manners when attending a work-related sporting event. Stay away from extremely messy finger foods and stick to just one or two alcoholic beverages, then switch to soda or water.

5. Bring your business cards!
You may be asked for one. Or, you can write notes on the back if you need to.

There’s more, of course. But, following these simple steps will help you to strengthen your business-related relationships. And, that will make you a winner!


Posted 10/25/2013 - by TalkingAGoodGame in Blog, News