It’s Not Just About the Stats… Sports Pop Culture Counts, too

Obviously, talking about any game is always a great conversation starter, but there are other ways you can engage a sports fan.

General sports pop culture is rich and makes for great (and fun) conversation. There’s good chance you’ll know some, even if you don’t follow sports. For example, which is your favorite Super Bowl commercial from last year… or all time? How about your favorite ESPN commercials, for that matter. (If you have a spouse, friend or child who watches that channel, you know what we’re talking about.) Never seen one? Then you’re truly missing some funny stuff.

Lots of people have a favorite sports movie (Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, Caddyshack, Bend It Like Beckham, A League of Their Own are just a few…) – which do you think is the funniest, lamest, or most memorable?  Or, what are the best (and worst) songs played at stadiums during sporting events? Rolling Stone Magazine published a list of the top 10 songs played at stadiums a few years ago. How many do you know?

Like all great sports topics, each of these can be the subject of great debate. So, listen up. You may be surprised to find you have an opinion.

Finally, taking customers or clients to lunch at a sports-themed restaurant is an easy way to make them comfortable, and can give you lots of fodder for conversation. But, you may not even have to talk about sports at all. Instead, watch whichever game your guest is watching on the myriad TVs all around the place. Just that simple indulgence can set a receptive tone for your true business agenda when the food’s served.

Posted 07/20/2013 - by TalkingAGoodGame in Blog, News


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