Sporting Events, Golf and other Mortifying Activities

You may not want to hear it, but there are times when just talking about sports may not be enough. By that, we mean, some offices organize events around sports such as inviting clients to a sporting event or business meetings over a round of golf.

Many times, a woman may opt out of these, because she’s afraid to appear clueless. A damaged ego may be the lesser of evils, though, since being a no-show guarantees missed networking opportunities or promotes the perception among her boss or colleagues that she’s not a team player.

Now, about golf. Take a few lessons. If nothing else, you will find out that it’s much more fun to be outside on a beautiful golf course than stuck in the office facing a mountain of paperwork. Don’t let your colleagues intimidate you, either. No matter how much they golf, they’re not Tiger Woods, either. At a company-sponsored event you’ll most likely be put with a group around the same skill level.

But, what if you find yourself in a foursome with experienced players? Keep in mind that while you won’t be able to show off great golfing technique, you CAN demonstrate your superior sportsmanship, by keeping your sense of humor, remaining calm in the face of adversity and celebrating the successes of the others. You may end the day with terrible golf score, but high marks on your character. Which do you think is more important for building relationships in the long run?

Sports pools and fantasy leagues are examples of un-official sports-related events in which you should be sure to participate. Doing so demonstrates your good-natured, sportsman-like character… and sets you apart from others too scared to put themselves out there.

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